Resuming 2015, part 3: Padjelanta, Lofoten and southern Sweden

July started off with what was thought to be a hike through Sarek. Because of unusual high snow, that was staying till summer in the higher altitudes, we had to change our plans.
We hiked along the Padjelantaleden instead, a trail that surrounds Sarek Nationalpark on the western side. It has bridges over all the bigger and smaller rivers, while in Sarek you need to cross any stream just as it is. Not so hard to imagine that this is a risky and very uncertain thing to do, especially when you see the landscape for the first time and it’s drowning in melting snow.
Due to flooding in the lower areas we even decided to skip the first 3 stages of this trail by helicopter. Some bridges had broken under the floods and parts of the path itself were flooded. We didn’t know about this as we arrived on the trailhead but were told by the staff of the mountain lodge. So the helicopter trip was a spontaneous decision.
At the end of the 160km trail from Kvikkjobb to Ritsem we had some spare time left and since my friend Moa had a bad knee we decided to have some daytours in Lofoten instead of hiking further on Nordkalottleden or a similar trail.
The helicopter tour was not planned, but sitting in a chopper is always awesome.


crossing a smaller river with about 2 degrees water temperature.




I had never been to Lofoten before and it turned out to be one of my favorite places of all time. I will definitely go back there as soon as I can. There’s surf, incredible fishing, steep, snowy peaks right next to beaches with turqoise water,…
The only downside is the norwegian prices, but since we slept in our tents and brought food in our swedish rental, we didn’t have to spend that much money over there.
Turquois water, dolfins in the water and sheep on the beach.


Kvalvika strand


Picture taken around midnight



Reine village, probably one of the most photographed in Norway.


Munkebu hut, the little red dot in the middle of the picture. It’s an interesting hike there and a scenic place to spend the night. You need to be member in DNT or rent a key for the hut at the tourist information.


This was taken at 1 am.
After the summer I did some smaller weekend adventures, mostly in southern Sweden and close to where we live. Some fishing, visiting Tiveden Nationalpark and some smaller hikes.
I really like this picture. I wonder how the tree roots grew that way.


Tiveden Nationalpark, where the trolls live.
Sunset over Nävsjön, close to Norrköping. I took this with my iPhone 4 without any filters or stuff.


Foggy semptember morning at Nävsjön.


I spent my first night in my new Hilleberg tent, which was my birthday present. It’s a awesome little 4-season tent and I hope I’ll spend a lot of nights in it next year.

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