The first snow!

…At least the first snow for me this winter. 
After some 8 hours of driving I came to Grövelsjön Fjällstation, where I’ll stay for some days enjoying the cold and the snow. So far the weather hasn’t been all too winterly. Along the way it was mostly storm, rain and melting snow. Even up here, on 62º North and 800m over sea level it’s 3ºC positive right now, and that in the middle of December. I hope for it to become colder soon. 

Here are some first impressions:

On the way the street conditions were not really fun. It was actually kind of terrifying. I have aboslutely no problem with driving on snow, but slushy ice and a lot of rain falling on top is not really in my comfort zone. Saw a guy putting on snow chains and I think it might have been a good idea. At least my car has some studded tires that make it a bit less slippery. I’m already dreading the way back home next friday 😛

But now no more driving and enjoying the coziness 🙂
Plans for tomorrow are to make a topptur. It looks like it should be sunny and depending on the snow conditions I will take my backcountry skis, or maybe just winter boots. I might put crampons in my backpack, in case it gets really icy and steep. Thinking about Storvätteshågna (1204 m, Dalarna’s highest peak), or alternatively Jakobshöjden, which is closer and about 1100m high. 
It would be awesome to get a view over the snowy landscape on my first proper day here! I hope there will be no clouds or fog. Doesn’t look impossible, maybe just a little bit windy.


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