Winter! Winter?

Snow, rain and a weird colored sunset. This afternoon.

Yes, what’s happening to the winter weather? Today and yesterday were more like days in late spring: rain, melting snow,… Way too warm temperatures. 
So I decided to drive home already tomorrow, one day earlier than planned. Simply because skiing or any other outdoors activity simply sucks right now. 
Yesterday I still went 25km on my backcountry skis though and today I was out in the darkness and had a nice fire with another girl who stays here. 
Oh, and I also built two amazing snowmen (one is a snow girl, the one with my hat on,) 
As you can see from the stats I’m a terrible skier and I will have to change my technique radically if I want to participate in next year’s Kortvasan, which is 30km. 
For all non-swedes: Kortvasan is the short version of the 90km skiing race Vasaloppet, which takes place in Mora, every year in March. I signed up for the shorter version and now I’m going to have to bite my way through it. 
Sometimes I don’t even know why I do these things and put myself in trouble 😉
And here norwegian adventurer (and my personal idol) Lars Monsen with my last words for today: 

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