Tresticklan Nationalpark by ski (plus a moose sighting)

There’s places where every swede seems to go to, for cross-country skiing or to spend their weekend in a cabin: Åre, Idre, Jämtlandsfjällen. There’s other places, far closer to the big cities like Gothenburg, where very few people go. One of those places is definitely Tresticklan Nationalpark. It’s pristine, wild, rather easy to reach, but just not very known.

I can just recommend any outdoorsy person to go there and maybe even spend a night in Budalsvika hut, on the Norwegian side of the border.

Here are some pics of this weekend, on which we saw a moose, glided through a sublime, frozen winter landscape, sat by a warm fire, ate a lot of good food and met some interesting people. Also it was surprisingly cold, with under -20C during the night and early morning.
Just after the picture the moose walked on bug, fluffy feet back in the forest. This mas my closest moose encounter yet.


The colours were stunning
One ski-pole is not a new trend- the other one simply broke some kilometers into the hike.


Budalsvika in the snow. No footsteps to see.
Beautiful ice flowers
Good to get some fire going, when it’s -7ºC indoors


Melting water for dinner
Everybody lined up around the stove


Temperature was dropping steadily


Icy window decoration in the morning
The woodshed


Breathing hurts a little bit, until your lungs get used to the air temperature






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