The Basque Country from above

On our trip to the spanish Basque Country, from which we returned just a couple of hours ago, we got the chance to climb some lesser known peaks. The Basque Country has an absolutely stunning geography- there’s steep cliffs by the sea, rolling hills all over the place, with the occasional pointy mountain, randomly thrown in.
The mountains aren’t famous or especially hard to hike up but it was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to get back there and see more of the Pyrenees and the Basque Mountains. Here are some impressions:

Ernio/Hernio 1078m

Ernio has for centuries been popular amongst the locals and has a lot of christian traditions and pilgrimages to it’s name. On the peak is not only one but more than ten big metal crosses.

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Which shoes not to wear…

Aratz 1443m

Entrance to the Tunnel of San Adrian
Inside the tunnel
The snow getting more and more with increasing altitude
Pretty cool landscape actually
Ghostly winter forest
Closer to the peak, visibility was quite bad
The view from the top… Not so much besides the fog

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Muganix 758m

A perfect place to oversee the coast between the Spanish border and San Sebastián

Collado Lepoeder 1440m

The picture doesn’t show how stormy it was… gusts up to 100km/h really made it hard to stand up traight sometimes
Directions for the Camino de Santiago/ St. james Way. Here’s the highest point of the whole 800km long trail
Just before his glasses tried to learn flying

Jaizkibel 547m

And so that you don’t think that there was only upphills and downhills and no good food:


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