Summer is here!


Over the last few days the weather changed from almost winterly conditions to a sudden feeling of summer. Where I live, most trees were still grey and empty by the beginning of May and within only a few days nature bursted with colours.

Compared to life in Portugal, where it gets warm (or for my taste even too warm) already in March, winter in Sweden seems endless. I hardly remember seeing a flower or a fresh green leaf for months and months. Even insects haven’t been around for such a long time that I forgot completely how much humming there can be in the air and how many small beings run around in the forest. From October to April nature was asleep and while I do enjoy snow and cold a lot, it feels incredible to witness how summer suddenly wins over and which energy nature has.

I spent the whole weekend outside, without hiking or doing anything specific, just camping by a lake close to my house. It was amazing just to wake up to the sun warming up the air, seeing the clouds develop during the day and the wind calm down to a complete stillness every evening. We bacsically constantly had a fire going to make tea, cook food or just for the sake of it feeling so cozy. I’m looking forward to more small adventures like this one, enjoying being outside.







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