A lot of reindeer and a bit of skiing

This morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise and no cloud in the sky. I got ready quickly, to not miss any of the daylight and got my equipment from the car. Such a nice feeling to stand on the skis again! As soon as I got away from the cross country track though the... Continue Reading →

The first snow!

...At least the first snow for me this winter. After some 8 hours of driving I came to Grövelsjön Fjällstation, where I'll stay for some days enjoying the cold and the snow. So far the weather hasn't been all too winterly. Along the way it was mostly storm, rain and melting snow. Even up here, on... Continue Reading →

Packing for a week in Grövelsjön

While I'm unfortunately having a cold and not feeling really fit, I'm already preparing for my next trip. On Saturday I'm going to leave for a week in northern Dalarna, where I'm going to do some cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing and possibly hike up some little peaks. I hope the weather will be bright, so that I... Continue Reading →

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