Resuming 2015, part 2: bushcraft, moving and back to the snow.

After all the trips in winter, that resumed mostly around snow and cold, now spring was coming in Portugal. I went for a bushcraft course south of Lisbon, where I learned some cool things about making fire and simple outdoors living.  I’m not really so much into the whole bushcraft thing that I want to buildContinue reading “Resuming 2015, part 2: bushcraft, moving and back to the snow.”

Resuming 2015, part 1: Snow from Spain to Lapland

Okay, the year is not really over yet, but most of this year’s trips are, so it’s time to look back at all the things I’ve done. Weirdly enough I always get the feeling that I spend a lot of time working, being bored and being at home, but when I look at all theContinue reading “Resuming 2015, part 1: Snow from Spain to Lapland”

Getting started with my outdoors blog

So I decided to start a blog. I usually don’t like people’s blogs- unless there’s a real purpose to their writing. I’m going to try to give a purpose to my blog entries; there’s a whole lot of bigger and smaller adventures that are coming up and I was looking for a space to shareContinue reading “Getting started with my outdoors blog”