Resuming 2015, part 3: Padjelanta, Lofoten and southern Sweden

July started off with what was thought to be a hike through Sarek. Because of unusual high snow, that was staying till summer in the higher altitudes, we had to change our plans. We hiked along the Padjelantaleden instead, a trail that surrounds Sarek Nationalpark on the western side. It has bridges over all theContinue reading “Resuming 2015, part 3: Padjelanta, Lofoten and southern Sweden”


Getting started with my outdoors blog

So I decided to start a blog. I usually don’t like people’s blogs- unless there’s a real purpose to their writing. I’m going to try to give a purpose to my blog entries; there’s a whole lot of bigger and smaller adventures that are coming up and I was looking for a space to shareContinue reading “Getting started with my outdoors blog”